Windows Tip 7 – How to pin a Drive or Directory to the Taskbar?

Windows 7 TroubleshootsWin7 - Pin a Drive to the TaskbarHow to pin a Drive or Directory to the Taskbar?

As well as we can pin any application or document to the Windows 7 taskbar, we can also do it with a Drive or Directory.


1. Right-click to the desktop, select New, choose Text Document
2. Rename the new created file to “Drive.exe”
3. Drag and drop file onto your taskbar
4. Delete “Drive.exe” from your desktop
5. Right-click on the new created taskbar button, then right-click on word “Drive” and select Properties
6. Change the contents of both the Target and Start In boxes to point at the drive or directory of your choice
7.  Click on Change Icon to choose an appropriate drive icon,
8. Click on Apply, OK, and your drive or directory is now available at one, single click, from the taskbar.


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