Windows Tip 4 – How to disable WinSAT.exe?

Windows 7 TroubleshootsWin 7 Task Scheduler - Disable WinSAT.exeWindows 7 – How to disable WinSAT.exe?

WinSAT.exe (SAT is acronym for: System Assessment Tool) is a constituent par of Windows 7 OS. It is a rating tool with purpose to measure a system’s performance and capabilities. It rates your computer on a ranging scale from 1 to 7.9. WinSAT.exe rates 5 subsets of your computer system, including processor, RAM, hard disk, graphics, and gaming graphics. It uses a special algorithm to calculate so called “Windows Experience Index”.

If you have problem with “phantom” process taking 30-95% of your CPU, start your Task Manager and check the name of process under CPU usage. If WinSAT.exe consumpting your CPU time, you can safely disable it by the following way: 

1. Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Task Scheduler
2. Browse to Microsoft\Windows\Maintenance
3. Select “WinSAT” task
4. Under “Actions” choose “Disable”.


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