Windows® OS Troubleshoots

Hrvatska inačica – ovdje.

Do you have a problem with your Windows® OS?
Let us know (leave your question below), we will try to help you with useful advice, hint, tip or trick. Or, share you knowledge and experience with us!

               Weekly new tips and tricks, check our list below!

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1. Extended Control Panel (Windows 7)
2. How to disable Windows splash screen?
3. How to enable Administrator Account in Windows 7?
4. Windows 7 – How to disable WinSAT.exe?
5. How to Disable Core Parking in multicore CPU?
6. How to unhide hidden empty Drive?
7. How to pin a Drive or Directory to the Taskbar?
8. How to delete hiberfil.sys (Windows 7 hibernate) file?
9. How to reset Network Adapters configuration?
10. Speed up Windows boot time
11. Windows 7 File Explorer Tip
12. How to cleanup unnecessary files using Disk Cleanup?
13. How to Load IE faster?
14. Get more RAM with ReadyBoost
15. Calculate monthly loan with Windows 7 Calculator
16. Improving Windows 7 Performance: pagefile.sys
17. How to disable programs running in Windows startup?
18. Speed up Windows 7: Turn off unused Windows 7 Features
19. Aero Peek feature
20. Windows 7 Shake Feature
21. Open a Command Prompt at specific folder
22. How to change Windows Explorer startup folder
23. The Best Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
24. Add more Regional Themes in Windows 7
25. Search Privacy
26. Has your Internet become lazy?
27. Switch Display
28. Define your Win 7 Aero behavior before running any application


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