What’s new in GBCAT v0.9b8?

GBCAT v0.9b8.B.Scope - Scanning MainR-Listening SubRGBCAT – Computer Aided Transceiver

What is GBCAT?

Available for all: updated GBCAT document in English, PDF format:[wpdm_file id=31]

GBCAT is PC software for controlling amateur radio devices through a COM/USB port or through a TCP/IP network, with the ability to transfer a 2-way audio signal over a TCP/IP network. GBCAT is composed of three parts:  the base module, the extended command set A, and the extended command set B. In the registered version, all modules retain their functions, regardless of whether they are displayed on the screen or not. The GBCAT installation package also contains: an integrated Remote Desktop Connection, an IPCOM Server/COM2IP Redirector, and an Audio Server/Client.

What’s new in GBCAT v0.9b8?

– Bug fix (TS-2000):  SWAP button now correctly swaps frequencies between VFO-A and VFO-B, no matter which operating Mode is being used.

– Bug fix (TS-2000 bug, reported by Brian, KB3ORS):  CTRL button is now active, while in Memory mode.

Added features:

Set FQ 
(button, for Yaesu FT-8×7 series, Kenwood TS-2000)
This feature allows direct entry of a new frequency value to the masked textbox. Setting a RIG to the new frequency has to be confirmed by click on “Set FQ” button. For Yaesu FT-8×7 series, this feature is available immediately, whenever GBCAT starts (test: Mladen, 9A6DAC). For Kenwood TS-2000, this feature is available by clicking the “NUMF” button, which has two functions: Switching the GBCAT to “Set FQ” feature and back to the “QM IN” feature, which is described later in this document.

Visual Scan range (slider)
Power – RF/AF/Proc/Vox/Step This group of slider controls, pictured on the right, is now operational.
Squelch control for Main and Sub receivers (slider)

Mic Gain (slider)
FM Mic Gain (slider)
PROC (button, Speech Processor control)
SpProc InpLevel, SpProc OutLevel (slider)
RF Gain (slider)
VOX (button, On/Off)
VOX Gain (slider)
VOX Delay (slider)
COM speed (slider)

GBCAT on 57600 bps: How to set the fastest response for Kenwood TS-2000

GBCAT v0.9b8 - Band Scope in Vivo

The Simple Band Scope (a new feature for Kenwood TS-2000)
This feature gives you ability to check for the radio spectrum activity by scanning a particular portion of the radio spectrum.



TX Time-out (slider)
(button, On/Off)
PRE (button, On/Off)
PTToffDelay (slider, Off/100ms-9900ms)
ATT (button, On/Off)
TF-SET (button, On/Off)
QM.IN (button, store data to the Quick Memory)
Quick Memory recall (the green Numeric Pad buttons)
NUMF (button, Numeric pad’s function switch)
Resizeable GBCAT module windows

The first public release of GBCAT – Computer Aided Transceiver is planned for 2014, January the 1st. Click on “Download” for the full article in PDF format:[wpdm_file id=29]

GBCAT v0.9b8 for Beta Testers is available for Download only for a members of GBCAT Beta Test Team.

[wpdm_file id=30]Download file size: 3.3 MB. All members of GBCAT Beta Test team will receive passwords for download by e-mail. To download a new GBCAT v0.9b8 please click on word “Download”, thank you. Support Forum: HERE


Ivan, 9A2GB.





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