WWAN Speed from Island of Vir.HR.EU

WWAN Speed from Island of Vir.HR.EU

For all those who are planning to come to our beautiful island of Vir, and for those who already enjoy under the sun on the island of Vir and don’t want to give up the benefits of the Internet, we measured the average speed of HSPA connection from the island of Vir. Measurement micro location: Velika Slatina bay, north side of the island of Vir, (view on the island of Pag, Povljana place).

The subjective impression is much better than numbers of the measured speed. The real internet speed is much faster then required for the standard mail exchange and allows even web pages mastering.

Provider: Tomato (Vip.HR)
Connection mode: HSDPA
DL speed: 1.84 Mbps
UL Speed: 1.4 Mbps
Ping: 14 msWWAN.Speed.from.IslandOfVir.HR

Here are the real speed ranges of the various mobile wireless strandards commonly used today:

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) 2G: 9.6Kbps
GPRS (General packet radio services) 2.5G: 35Kbps to 171kbps
EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) 2.75G: 120Kbps to 384Kbps
UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) 3G: 384Kbps to 2Mbps
HSPA (software upgrade to UMTS, theoretical 42Mbps) 3.5G: 600Kbps to 10Mbps, averages 1-3Mbps
LTE 4G (Long Term Evolution, theoretical 100Mbps): 3Mbps to 10Mbps average, 20Mbps+ peak download speeds.

Previous testing

Vir is an island on the Croatian coast of Adriatic sea located north of Zadar. Vir has a very good connectivity to the mainland via a road bridge.

Take a look the Photo Album: ThIsland of Vir - Beautiful sunsete island of Vir, Adriatic Coast, Croatia


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