GBCAT v1.4 available for download

What’s new in GBCAT v1.4:

From today, a new GBCAT versions will be available to the amateur radio community as wide beta. Please, download and test it freely, and let us know your observations, opinions and suggestions.

Also, a new compiled GBCAT versions will be available for download just as a single GBCAT.EXE file. How to install a single GBCAT.EXE file: Rename the current version of GBCAT.EXE to _GBCAT.EXE, download a new compiled GBCAT.EXE release and just copy a single file to the GBCAT installation folder. Then start GBCAT and enjoy it.

Check weekly HERE for a new GBCAT versions!

I’m not satisfied with it I’m gonna say, but a tedious job of writing GBCAT instructions has become a big time gap for me, because I spend all my free time on GBCAT development.
From this version, there will be no detailed instructions so far. What is new in the new GBCAT version please find in “Whats_new_in_GBCAT” file, which will be published at and also placed in the GBCAT installation folder.
If someone wants to give me a hand for writing GBCAT guidelines, please let me know by mail, to:


– Added a full support for Yaesu FT-450D.
– Auto-adaptive Polling Delay Loop: improved communication stability Rig to PC and vice versa.
– Generally improved GSCAN.
– Kenwood TS-2000: Now, you can GSCAN selected frequencies on your Sub Receiver while listening on the Main Receiver. Three selections are available: “Main-R: VFO B”, “Sub-R (CTRL only)”, “Sub-R (CTRL+PTT)”, “Cancel GSCAN”.
– Related to GSCAN feature, a new format for the FREQUENCY field in GSCAN Table is introduced. FREQUNECY field now has a space for 9 numeric characters. So, if you want GSCAN to scan 1.296.500,75 please enter “129650075” in your GSCAN table. If you want GSCAN to scan 7.100,60, please enter “710060” in your GSCAN table.
– New COM menu item added: “DTR Line”. Now, it is possible to turn DTR Line On (Hi state), or switch it Off (Low state). Initially, this setting is set to “On”. A new setting will be saved as a new line in the configuration file. Idea by YU7QA, Shile. DTR Line now may be used for CW keying.
– Kenwood TS-2000: New RX/TX Equalizer setting added (setting created by Bill, KJ6CEO).
– New GBCAT donor, menu Misc/About: Warren, W7WRU. Warren, thank you for supporting GBCAT development.
– New Misc menu *special item added: GBCAT PC-Lifetime users, with the following submenus:
*Disable Splash screen (If GBCAT PC-LifeTime registration is activated, you will be able to disable Splash screen pop-up on GBCAT start.)
*Yaesu (Submenu: FT-450D, Submenus: Rig Menu: Backup/Restore, Rig Settings: Backup/Restore)
*Kenwood (Submenu: Kenwood TS-2000 with submenus: Rig Menu: Backup/Restore, Rig Settings: Backup/Restore, Submenu: Kenwood TS-590S with submenu: Rig Menu: Backup/Restore.)

Fixed bugs:

– GBCAT key: Detection and removal of unwanted empty space added by some HTML mailers.
– All Rigs: If you accidently enter a wrong key and got “GBCAT detected a wrong registration key” message after a new GBCAT start, GBCAT will try to delete a wrong key. If the key file isn’t deleted successfully, quit GBCAT, go to the GBCAT installation folder and delete “GBCAT.key” file manually. Be careful, do not delete any other GBCAT file, just file with the “key” file extension.
– Kenwood: DTMF operations (Button DT): PTT button will change a color to the red and back to the green when changing TX/RX mode.
– Kenwood TS-590S – APO adjustment now works as expected.
– Telnet Client, after Exit, button XCS-A now is enabled on GBCAT basic module.
– Telnet Client, if Grid data available, an approximate QRB will be calculated related to your WWL (QTH Loc).
– Made a few other minor bugs and cosmetics fixes.

GBCAT has been free of charge from the beginning (since 2011), but if you find the software useful, donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

73 de Ivan

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