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HAM and Tech thematic:
– Asus UL80VT BackLit Keyboard Modification
– Duoband Inverted V antenna for 40m and 80m
– Forced cooling for Linear PA with GI7B tube
– Inverted V antenna for 40m
– Zagreb RADIO FEST (9/2012)
– RU-20 Military Transceiver modification
– My former CNC milling portal machine
– VHF-Linear-power-amplifier-GI7B

Samobor, Croatia:
– Holiday ambience on King Tomislav’s square, Samobor, Croatia
– Medieval battle near Samobor / Prikaz srednjovjekovne bitke kod Samobora
– Samoborska potočna pastrva
– Winter motives from the old part of Samobor, Croatia
– Traditional 186th and 187th Carnival at Samobor Croatia, 2012/2013

Island of Vir, Croatia:
– Sunset at island of Vir, Adriatic Coast, Croatia
– Canadair and Air Tractor in action over the island of Vir, July 20th. 2012
– Flowers and plants on the island of Vir, Adriatic coast, Croatia
– Island of Vir, Croatia (part I)
– Island of Vir, Croatia (part II)

Interesting places at Croatia:
– Dramalj at Adriatic coast, Croatia
– National Park Brijuni, Croatia
– Zadar by night
– Visiting Istria, Croatia: Visnjan, Groznjan, Motovun

Flora Art:
– Flora Art 2008 Exhibition, Zagreb
– Flora Art 2012 Exhibition, Zagreb
– Flora Art 2013 Exhibition, Zagreb

Art of wood carving, by Vladimir F.:
– Shrek’s spoon / Shrekova žlica
– Wooden Rose / Drvena ruža

– Mantis religiosa / Zelena-bogomoljka
– Photo Illusion: UFO over Samobor Croatia
– Podarcis sicula adriatica / Jadranska primorska gušterica
– Svježi vrganj / Fresh-Boletus
– Wasp fighting a spider / Osa najeznica u duelu s paukom

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