MR300 HF Antenna Analyzer

MR300 HF Antenna Analyzer

I have found this interesting HF Antenna Analyzer on our colleagues web site, Chinese amateur radio BG2XNN, Jason. I have to say that deal with Jason was pleasant, also delivery was a very quick. It took no more than 7 days, from China to Croatia. MR300 is not just antenna analyzer, it can measure capacity, inductance and other complex measurements on the antennas in the frequency range of 1 to 60 MHz.

I made a few quick tests with 50 Ohm dummy load (1-500 MHz), comparing MR300 measurement results with results measured on AW07A and on MFJ-259B, using the same dummy load.

All three devices have yielded an identical results in a measuring range of 1.8 to 54 MHz (SWR 1:1, impedance of 50 Z). MR300 is easy to use, very intuitive and has SCAN possibility (not found on the other two devices).

Measuring test on 6m / 50 MHz open dipole
Measurement was conducted on the reference open dipole antenna with known impedance (Z=75), SWR (1:1.5), on frequency of 50.150 MHz
Here are a measurement results:

MR300: SWR 1:1.49, Z = 76
AW07A: SWR 1:1.52, Z = 76
MFJ-259b: SWR: 1:1.51, Z = 75

These very small differences in the measured results found on all three devices are within declared tolerances. For amateur use all three devices are recommended. Differences are in the measurement range, measurement possibilities, and of course in the price.

More about MR300 can be found on Jason’s website.

73 de Ivan

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