NSR Fix in new GBCAT v1.31

NSR Fix in new GBCAT v1.31

NSR (Native Screen Ratio) program routine has the function to detect a graphic adapter, to calculate NSR and to set the appropriate ratio between some graphic elements, like an appropriate display of the analog S-meter unit simulation in GBCAT.

Thanks to mGBCAT_v1.3.ATI.Radeon.Bugy friend Wim PA3WT, who has found anomaly in GBCAT NSR program routine related to the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphic adapter, I was able to solve this issue and today we have a new, fixed GBCAT version ready for DOWNLOAD.

GBCAT users who do not have described issue may proceed using GBCAT v1.3. without a need for GBCAT v1.31 download.

You may download Detect NSR, as stand-alone utility HERE.

73 de Ivan


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