GBCAT goes to EQwood

GBCAT goes to GBCAT.v1.2.UserModeEQEQwood!

From version v1.2, GBCAT will be able to deal with the User mode Equalization. This new feature will be available for both the RX and TX modes for the Kenwood TS-2000. As you know, the TS-2000 has a few factory predefined EQ settings and User EQ mode as the last choice in the Menu #20 (RX equalizer) and in the Menu #21 (TX equalizer).

By default, you may set your TS-2000 to any factory predefined EQ setting, but that’s all folks. Unfortunately, the Kenwood engineers didn’t left the possibility to the user to self-create the EQ filters for a specific needs. It is the Kenwood’s secret, and it is possible to stay the unexposed for a while.

The GBCAT Development Team didn’t revealed that mystery, we just find not exactly a comfortable but usable way to create a new EQ filters for the User EQ mode. In the new GBCAT version, a whole bunch of 21 predefined EQ filters will be available to the GBCAT users, plus a few EQ filters made by other radio amateurs. Of course, all credits for the EQ filters collected from the other sources goes to their authors, which will be honored by mentioning of their Call signs.

The User mode EQ (DSP) function of the TS-2000 can be used in the form of four Filter types:

1. LPF = Low Pass Filter
2. HPF = High Pass Filter
3. BPF = Band Pass Filter
4. BEF = Band Edge Filter (band-stop filter or band-rejection filter or Notch filter)

You can select any of predefined filter type and send it to the RIG immediately. Every filter may be used for the RX and for the TX mode. The new EQ adjustment will not affect any of the factory predefined filters, just and only the USER MODE EQ filter.

If you have a need for the specific filter currently not covered by GBCAT and it’s type is mentioned above, send the needed specific filter specifications to the support mail address.

We will try to create a new filter according to your specifications and include it in the next GBCAT version, using your CALLSIGN as the filter name.

As we have already published so far, GBCAT v1.2 will offer also a support for the Kenwood TS-590S. Take a look at it’s Equalizer screen.


GBCAT Developers Team



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