CNC machined faceplates

CNC machined faceplates for the SSB6.1 transceiver kit

This relatively new home brew transceiver kit from indo-ware offers a six HF bands and CW/LSB/USB modes. All interested for DIY can obtain the major boards on e-bay. Also, there is a great support group on Facebook.

For many, the biggest problem is to install the finished product into the appropriate box with a professional look. The first contact with any device will be through its front panel, so the first impression will be proportional to the effort you put into a look of the front panel. In the photos below, you can see a few examples of CNC machined front and back panels. The general dimensions are adaptable to suit your needs while design remains the same, given the type of DDS used for that transceiver.

If you need the front or the back plate for SSB 6.1 transceiver kit, or both of them, or maybe a front plate for any other device you built, please contact me at: emu.9a2gb(at)

73 de Ivan


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