About 9A2GB

Ivan Držanić, 9A2GB

Croatian radio amateur, born at December 1958 in Samobor, Croatia.
Education: univ. bacc. ing. techn. graph. (BSGT), University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts.

Additional, unofficial education:
CEPT “A” class HAM license, HAM operator since 1973
MCP – Microsoft Certified Proffesional

Brončana značka SRH -1990Croatian Amateur Radio Association Bronze badge holder (at 1990), as the recognition of the long-time successful work on the development and expansion of the Amateur Radio movement.

Hobbies and skills: Computer programming, Amateur Radio, Electronic design and construction, Motorbikes, Photography, CNC programming.

Software projects:
EMU – Event monitoring Utility
WWL Conversion Utility v2.1
GBCAT – Computer Aided Transceiver

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