9A2GB Software Support

9A2GB Software Products, (EMU, WWL Conversion Utility, GBCON for Windows), are supported by author and by a few enthusiasts. You can post your comments, ask a questions or get support for all 9A2GB Software Products here.

Suggestions for software improvements or criticism are welcome. Any of it will be discussed. Thank you for your interest in 9A2GB Software Products.

Supported languages for communication are Croatian and English, at the moment.


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5 thoughts on “9A2GB Software Support

  1. I read this few words on english about your Event monitoring utility. At the first look it seems like something usefull to me. Is there any chance for english-speaking people to download a full help file on english language? More than that I’m interested in when your program will be available for download?

  2. Hi Lockergnome,

    Thank you for visiting 9A2GB site and for your interest in EMU – Event Monitoring Utility. We are in the final phase of testing of all functions of the EMU, and we invite all interested people to candidate for a membership of our Beta Test team.
    At the same time, we are working hard on translation of Croatian help file to English language. Expected date of publication of EMU is September the 1st. of 2012.
    If the beta testing will continue as we planned, it is possible to push the date of publication of the EMU to the earlier date.
    Stay with us!

  3. Thank you for replay. I hope the english docs will be published before september the 1.st. I don’t want to push to much … 🙂

  4. EMU english docs will be available soon, with all grammatical and spelling errors included. 🙂

  5. Hi to all,

    English version of EMU help file is released, as I promised before a two weeks. It is available for downloading under “Download” menu. I guess it is full of spelling and grammatical errors, so please let me know when you find such a mistake. Also, your comments are welcome!

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