GBCAT v1.4, available soon!


gbcat_v1-4_soonNew GBCAT v1.4

Improved, debugged, better than ever.
Beside the other features, added a full support for Yaesu FT-450D.




Are you Yaesu FT-450D owner?

Just a few questions for you:
Have you ever tried to set FM Narrow (FM-N) mode with your Yaesu FT-450D?
Mission impossible?
Now, If you ask yourself why I should use FM-N mode when FM is good enough, remember story about wide and narrow modulation types and related signal strength.
Gain tested and measured.
Have you tried to fill-up all of FT-450D’s 504 memories?
It is not a pleasure task, isn’t it?
Using 3rd party as FT-450D Memory manager, but not able to recall all of memorized settings, just frequency, mode, shift and and FQ status?
You don’t want to pay 50 USD for a commercial Memory Manager?
You want apply a full Reset, but before that you want also to save all of Yaesu FT-450D settings to a file on your disk?
You want a reliable and responsive support?
(Features described above available also for Kenwood TS-2000 and Kenwood TS-590S).

If all answers are “Yes“, try out new GBCAT – Computer Aided Transceiver, v1.4!

Free of charge as always, just a simple registration is required.

Supported radios:

Yaesu FT-857/857D
Yaesu FT-817/817ND
Yaesu FT897D
Yaesu FT-450D (from v1.4)
Icom IC-706MKIIG
Kenwood TS-2000 (from v0.9b6)
Kenwood TS-590S (from v1.2)

Advanced features for GBCAT PC-Lifetime users.
New GBCAT v1.4 will be available soon, check GBCAT download page!

Looking for Yaesu FT-450D Beta testers, contact:



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