www.9a2gb.net broke its record!

www.9a2gb.net - 17 people on line17 people simultaneously online, 60 visits from different IP addresses within 24 hours!

Attached Screenshot was made 06/06/2012. at 23:00, shows 17 people online!
With this www.9a2gb.net broke its old record by 5 visitors at a time, and sets hard reachable “bar” at number 17, for a long time 🙂

17 ljudi istovremeno on-line, 60 posjeta s različitih IP adresa unutar 24 sata!

Screenshot u prilogu napravljen je 06.06.2012. u 23:00, i prikazuje 17 ljudi on-line!
Ovime je www.9a2gb.net oborio svoj stari rekord od 5 posjetitelja istovremeno, i čini mi se zadugo postavio teško dohvatljivu “letvicu” na brojku 17 🙂



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Ivan Držanić, Croatian radio amateur, (international HAM callsign: 9A2GB). Education: Graphic Engineer (BSGT). Unofficial education: CEPT “A” class HAM license, MCP – Microsoft Certified Professional. Hobbies and skills: computer programming, amateur radio, electronic design and construction, motorbikes, photography, CNC programming, cooking etc. Croatian Amateur Radio Association Bronze badge holder.

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